A GPL game featuring realtime CSG with openGl.
More info on savannah.
download at savannah 1200K
download precompiled windows version 1700K

Kind of psychedelik game. I've coded this some years ago to test some soft rendering routines.
Points of interrests : Fast soft 3d rendering, Phong-like Shading, easy collision detection.
Other features : variable tesselation of every surfaces, transparent shaddings, network "playable" (slow), dga capable.
Main weaknesses : very susceptible to display's depth - use 24 or 32 bits if you encounter problems. 8 bits won't work. Everything is minimalist.
Notes :
You need nasm to compile it. See the link section.
Have a look to command line options.
some keys : 'q' quit, mouse to turn, mouse buttons to (ac/de)celerate and shoot.
Try to find out rules for the game.
download 80K

Fachoda Complex
Toy-planes simulator. An attempt to make a real little game out from the routines of tetard3d.
Points of interrests : Fast soft 3d rendering, Nice planes, Almost no sort, and last but not least : Wow, a linux game !!.
Other features : no need for opengl, network "playable" (slow)...
Main weaknesses : the code is a huge mess hard to compile successfully. Sounds do not work for most cards (but Gravis Ultrasound friendly). You would certainly wait for more support, but won't have many.
Notes :
Requires a Pentium with MMX, and Nasm. Disable sound with -nosound, try -xcolor or the SDL version when experiencing troubles with colors, and RTFM which is reproduced here oubien ici.
download 2M400K
UPDATE! (2012-02-28): A revival of the game is available! Have a look HERE!

Blender exporter
A little mesh exporter in python used for f.c.o.a.
Format is very simple, and so is the script.
Note : The script uses blender 2.21 API.
download 9K

A tiny scope for X11.
I needed a visual scope for electronic stuff, so I coded this.
It read input signals from audio input (2 voices using a stereo jack - not included in the tarball :-)).
It displays the inputs in realtime, allows to set the frequency with a slider, can record and "replay" the signals and write em to disc.
the code is short and easy to customize. User interface is... futurist.
download 41K

Smoke renderer

My contribution to the CABVAT 2003 party's wild compo.
The challenge was to render cigarette smoke. Here it is, crappy as hell after 10 hours of old school coding without rest.
This uses openGl and glut. It should be compilable everywhere without much troubles (we even managed to compile it under windows, althought we had to add an horrible void winmain).
You will notice a strange COPYING license...
download 5K7

A library that enable to build function calls in C (the oposite of what a va_list does).
Currently runs only on i386 because of a few assembly lines. Please let me know if you port those to any other architecture.
Sample of use :

#include <stdio.h>
#include "av_list.h"

/* this is a function to be called magically */
int foobar(char c, unsigned i) {
  printf("hello world! (%c, %u)\n",c,i);
  return 666;

int main() {
  int *ret;
  unsigned i = 33;
  char c = 'x';
  /* sizeof(int) is to match the return type of foobar */
  av_list *list = av_new(foobar, sizeof(int));
  if (!(
    av_arg(list, &c, sizeof(char)) &&
    av_arg(list, &i, sizeof(unsigned))
  )) {
    printf("av_arg error\n");
  if (!list || !av_call(list, (void**)&ret)) {
    return EXIT_FAILURE;
  printf("ret = %d\n", *ret);
  return EXIT_SUCCESS;

this will print :
hello world! (x, 33)
ret = 666

download 4K